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Women’s Rights

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Services for those whose lives have been impacted by disability

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Educational programs

Inclusion and acceptance improve with awareness and knowledge. It all leads to a better community for all.

Service accessibility

Improve our clients accessibility to services that are likely to improve their daily lives.

Employment programs

Employment is a great tool towards improving self-esteem, independence and self-worth.

Support groups

Meet other whose life is impacted by a disability: disabled, caregiver, family or friend. Share ideas, experiences, support and be supported.

Our Philosophy

People with disabilities and their families face challenges and barriers every day. We at Y.A.N.A do our best to identify and address these challenges and barriers through fulfilling experiences.



Educational programs

We believe that through education we can build awareness and inclusion. We believe knowledge and understanding will alleviate stigma and fear. Our public education programs are geared to the general public and everyone is welcome to attend. Topics are selected so they be of interest to the general public as well as to those with disabilities, their family and friends. Our topics and speakers are carefully selected to support all, open eyes and hearts to the challenges faced by so many in our community. Interested to join our project? Contact us

Social events

Individuals with disabilities may have challenges attending social events. Our social events are accessible, inclusive and carefully designed to provide a fun, warm and safe atmosphere for making friends. Our events are open to all abilities. Interested to join our project? Contact us

Public education

Public education, presentations and workshops on topics that are of interest to the public but yet overlap with issues that affect the life of those living with the impact of disability. Interested to join our project? Contact us

Education and therapy

Educational and therapeutic programs emphasized by multi skill building in a group setting, featuring a unique program model. Our programs provide a combination of fun, therapy, education and skill building at a reasonable cost. Interested to join our project? Contact us

Get involved

With our wide range of services provided at different locations we thrive for support from the community. Join us! Volunteer, sponsor, donate, partner with us. Interested to join our project? Contact us