Persons with disabilities and their families face many kinds of challenges and barriers every day. We at Y.A.N.A do our best to identify and address these challenges and barriers through fulfilling experiences.


Learn More About Our Philosophy

Empowering those impacted by disability

We believe that the future is equal – with the disabled and their family’s needs being represented, treated, acknowledged and respected in every single sector of our government, workplace, and society!

A Passionate Team

With everyone working with us, our partners, donors, volunteers and service providers, we are a spirited team!

Empowering those impacted by disability

Whenever the equality is concerned, we can probably all agree that it all starts with information, self-worth and acceptance. We believe those impacted by disability deserve to feel served, welcome and part of our community!

Addressing the Challenges!

Social, physical, emotional, intellectual or cognitive challenges, each can be a barrier in life. We believe that alleviating these challenges or removing barriers directly or indirectly can improve the lives of those living with the impact of disability, their families and make us a better society.