We believe that through education we can build awareness and inclusion. We believe knowledge and understanding will alleviate stigma and fear.

Our public education programs are geared to the general public and everyone is welcome to attend. Topics are selected so they be of interest to the general public as well as to those with disabilities, their family and friends.  Our topics and speakers are carefully selected to support all, open eyes and hearts to the challenges faced by so many in our community.




Play & Connect

Peer connections play group

Play isn’t just fun. Play helps us develop creativity, imagination, dexterity, problem solving, communication and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Play helps players learn about themselves and the world around them. In group setting, it also plays a key role in social skill development.

We will play different games from board games to other activities to teach and promote as
many skills as possible. Focus will be made on social interaction and making friends during play.

Participants will work in small groups with support so their special needs are best

We offer groups based on age and ability from school age to young adults.

Date: September 2018
Cost: TBD

After School program for Students with special needs

Fun, safe and engaging after school activities for students with special needs, and a
respite for parents. Students will be having support with homework and some academic enrichment, fun
and engaging activities such as play, sports, art. They will enjoy some relaxing time
and a snack break. High student to staff ratio Students are grouped based on age, ability and needs.

Date: September 2018

Day program for
Young adults with disabilities

Our day program provides young adults with disabilities a warm and accepting environment, feeling of involvement and a meaningful daily routine.

Program offers daily routine of fun, content and support with a sense of belonging. Participants work on improving their academic and life skills, leisure and social skills under a low staff: participant ratio. When possible we offer swimming and employment training opportunities.

Date: September 2018

Respite Program

We offer innovative day options and respite services that focus on educational outcomes recognizing that each person is unique and deserves an equal opportunity to develop and benefit. We are committed to create an environment where all people, staff and participants are valued and where career 
development, personal challenges and learning are promoted.

Location: 42 Old Yonge St, Thornhill

Activities included but not limited; academics, literacy and numeracy, life and social skills, arts and crafts, computer skills.

Contact us for more details: | Phone: 647 638 4060

After school program for High School students with special needs 

Monday to Friday 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
42 Old Yonge St, Thornhill
Phone: 647 638 4060

Activities include: life and social skills, arts and crafts, homework help, literacy, cooking, science, physical activity & when possible cultural activities and field trips.

Contact us for more details: | Facebook